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Elements Assessment Module Guide

Reviewers can input a score and a text-based review for each output. Reviews are not visible to other Users or other Reviewers. Only Unit Managers can view all reviews. 

Please see the scoreset box below for information on the scoreset for this stage.

Outputs can be reviewed by an unlimited number of Reviewers, but only the first 4 reviews will show up on the in-module CSV reporting. 

After an output has been reviewed, Unit Managers can accept the record for into their UoA's pool of outputs for potential REF2029 submission and input an overall score. This overall score, not the Reviewer scores, feed into the Elements REF dashboards (more info on the Reporting page of this guide). 

Your/the User's exercise must be in the Review stage for reviews to be added (unless you are inputting reviews using a bulk update). 

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Adding someone as a reviewer
Let your reviewers know which outputs to review
Review scoreset
How to add a review

Let your Reviewers know which outputs to review

The Elements assessment module is currently researcher-centric rather than output-centric, which means Reviewers are assigned to individual academics (or an entire UoA) rather than specific outputs. You should inform your Reviewers of the outputs they should review for each academic. 

Adding someone as a reviewer

The RQI team add Reviewers into the exercise. Please email a list of Reviewers for your UoA to, along with which individuals or UoA(s) they should review. Reviewers can be added at any time. 


ERAs cannot currently be added into Elements. 

ERAs don't require access to Elements to complete reviews, as full output records with manuscripts are stored in SRO. 

Once an ERA has completed their review, this can be input into Elements by administrative staff/research managers. Please indicate in the review text that you are inputting a review on behalf of an ERA, including their name.  


The scoreset in the Review and Management stages has a high, medium and low value for each 1*-4* integer, as well as a 'special' score.

The high, medium and low values should be used to indicate the confidence the reviewer has in the score they are attributing to the output. 

The special scores should be used to indicate that a risk or concern has been identified that could impact the output's score negatively if not resolved, for example, an issue with authorship contribution. 

If you select a 'special' score, please indicate your confidence in that integer rating in the review text and provide details of the concern/issue. 

You can also see a description of each score by clicking the ? icon next to the score dropdown. 

How to add a review

Your/the User's exercise must be in the Review stage for reviews to be added (unless you are inputting reviews using a bulk update). 

To start your reviews, click Menu > Assessment > My Reviews > Assessment Reviews > Start.

Click Contributions to knowledge and understanding to see all the User's selected outputs.

Click ADD A REVIEW or VIEW ITEM DETAILS next to an output to add your review. Your UoA Lead should tell you which outputs you should review for each User. In the top right corner, you can click the VIEW [output type] DETAILS to see the full Elements publication record for this output. 

Hover over the ? icon to see a description of the high, med and low scores (as shown above). Select your score from the dropdown and input your review text. 

Click BACK TO LIST in the top left to navigate back to the output list. 

When you have completed all your reviews for this User, click MARK AS DONE in the top right to indicate to Unit Managers that your reviews are completed. Once you click this button, you won't be able to add or edit your reviews.