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Elements Assessment Module Guide

Research Groups can be added to individual UoAs, which will then allow researchers and their accepted outputs to be attributed to those Resesarch Groups. Publication records that are linked to a Research Group in Elements/SRO will not automatically be linked to the Research Group within the assessment module. 

To add a Research Group to your UoA, please email the name of the group and any researchers that should be attributed to that group to

As per the REF2021 submission guidance, each researcher can be assigned to up to four Research Groups. 

You can choose whether your Research Group-researcher attributions should extend to their outputs as well. This decision applies to all Research Group-attributed researchers' outputs; it is an all-or-nothing decision. So, either only your researchers will be attributed to Research Groups, or your researchers and their accepted outputs will be attributed. 

If a researcher is attributed to more than one Research Group, Unit Managers can select the Research Group that each of their outputs should be attributed to in the Acceptance + Attribution tab of the Manage REF2 Outputs screen.