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Elements Assessment Module Guide

If your UoA collects output self-reviews from academics, you can input them in this stage of the output. This stage is optional, so you can skip it for selected or all Users. 

You can skip this stage by following the navigation instructions below and omitting the review steps, or in the Manage REF2029 CK&U Initial Assessments screen, where you can move Users between stages individually or by selecting multiple Users. 

Output selections can be completed by Users (researchers), or by a member of staff impersonating them. UoAs can decide how they would like to manage their exercise in this respect.

Your/the User's exercise must be in the Self-review stage for self reviews to be added (unless you are inputting reviews using a bulk update). 


The scoreset in the Self-Review stage has a high, medium and low value for each 1*-4* integer. 

The high, medium and low values should be used to indicate the confidence the reviewer has in the score they are attributing to the output. 

You can also see a description of each score by clicking the ? icon next to the score dropdown. 


Your/the User's exercise must be in the Self-eview stage for self reviews to be added (unless you are inputting reviews using a bulk update). 

Inputting Self-reviews can be completed by a User or another member of staff impersonating them in Elements. Your UoA can decide whether you want individual academics to engage with the assessment exercise process, or if administrative/management staff will complete this section on their behalf. 

To begin the Self-review stage, click Menu > Assessment > My Reviews > Assessment Reviews > Start. You should then see an introduction to your/the User's exercise. 

Next, click Contributions to knowledge and understanding to navigate to the User's list of selected outputs. 

Click ADD A REVIEW or VIEW ITEM DETAILS next to the output you'd like to review

Scroll to the bottom of the page to input your review score and text. Click the ? icon to see descriptions of each score.

Navigate back to the output list by clicking BACK TO LIST to see which outputs you have/haven't reviewed. 

Once you have completed your reviews, click SUBMIT to move the exercise to the Review stage.