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Official publications: European Info on the Web


  • Find-eR The catalogue of the European Commission Library is available online and is the best place to search for literature on Europe in all formats, including internet resources.
  • London School of Economics Catalogue LSE is the largest repository of EC material in the UK.

Searching the web

  • EUROPA is the European Union's own freely available information portal. Click on EU by topic for links to information on major policy areas.
  • SearchEuropa lets you search all official EU websites - created by the European Journalism Centre.
  • The European Commission includes a political section, which communicates the Commission's political priorities and a comprehensive information section which links to news items policies and services.
  • EU Whoiswho is the official directory of the EU. Searchable by name or by position.

Official documents

  •  Europa Documents A portal that gives details of the publications of all the European institutions together with links to online versions. It includes green and white papers since 1996.
  • Publications Office of the European Union The catalogue of official publications and a useful FAQ file, plus access to other databases and to the text of the Official Journal.
  • Eurobarometer Reports accessed via the Public opinion site on Europa.

Information about the European Union

  • EUABC A useful online dictionary of EU terms and phrases.
  • Toute l'Europe French-language guide to EU policies and information.
  • Statewatch An essential guide to civil liberties in UK and Europe.

Working Papers

A number of research institutes and think-tanks publish papers on aspects of European policy. European Research Papers Archive is a searchable joint access point to 9 major series of online research papers, currently including over 700 titles. Other organisations which publish working papers include:

Current Affairs


Business and trade

  • Your Europe - Business Multilingual service from Europa designed to provide all aspects of information on the internal market.
  • Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) A free service from the European Commission providing a searchable database of calls for tender for public service contracts advertised in the Supplement to the Official Journal.
  • SIMAP Information service on public procurement in the single market with links to the texts of legislation and international agreements.

The Euro

Regional information

European Law