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Official publications: European Documentation Centre

European Documentation Centres

There are around 30 European Documentation Centres (EDCs) in the UK. EDCs are collections of the publications and documents of the EU, intended primarily to support academic study and research on Europe. EDCs receive copies of the majority of publications issued by EUR-OP (the Office for Official Publications for the European Union). There are several in London including the British Library.

This Library holds a collection of publications and documents from the EU which are stored and will need to be asked for at the Information Hub on the ground floor. All items can be found using Library Search.

The collection contains:

  • Reference material (guides, handbooks, glossaries, bibliographies and information on research)
  • Legislation: the Treaties, the Official Journal, the COM Documents.
  • Annual reports, periodicals and individual reports
  • Publications of the institutions of the EU
  • European Parliament
  • Council of Europe (including the European Commission of Human Rights)
  • European organisations

Much of the EU material is now freely available electronically, largely on its official web server EUROPA.

For further assistance with using the collection please ask at the Information Hub on the ground floor.

Other European Documentation Centres