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Information on this guide

The data resources listed in this guide are available to all members of the University of Sussex. Many of them are made freely available via the web, but to access some datasets you will need to register with the body that owns the data. Click on the individual tabs above to explore the resources available.

UK Data Service:

Is the UK’s largest collection of social, economic and population data resources. The UKDS holds data from national and regional government, universities and sector organisations.  Data covers employment, housing, income, quality of life and people's attitudes to their health and finances. The UKDS also holds a range of census data.

UK Data Resources:

Website links to UK government agency statistics at national and local levels, and resources for geographical and historical data.  

International Data Resources:

international datasets and statistics. Many of these resources are freely available. 

Business & Economics Data:

resources that include detailed financial information on companies and banks, trading and deal information, advertising data and market research. 

Statistics and Datasets at Sussex Library

How can I access the Library's Statistics/Dataset collection?

Begin by searching the library catalgoue Library Search for the statistic or dataset you are looking for. There are both online and printed resources available. The printed collection is located in the Library store. The material is largely historical as many statistics are now available online via the resources listed in this guide.  

The item I am looking for is located in the Library Store, what does this mean?

The printed collection is located in the Library store, and is not available on the Library's open shelves for you to locate and borrow. In order to borrow from this print collection sign-in to Library Search and click the blue Request option on the Locations tab. Collections are at 11am and 3pm daily.

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