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Academic Sources: Journal Collections


Beilstein Organic Chemistry Reactions

From 1771 (abstracts from 1980) contains over 9.6 million organic compounds, many with property data, and over 10 million reactions. Includes pharmacology, toxicology and ecological chemistry data

Gmelin Inorganic Chemistry

From 1700s contains over 2.4 million inorganic and organometallic compounds, 1.8 million reactions and 1.2 million references covers information about analytical chemistry, atomic physics, ores, chemical technology, electrochemistry, geochemistry, history of chemistry, colloid chemistry, coordination chemistry, corrosion and passivity, crystallography, geology, metallography, metallurgy, mineralogy, non-ferrous metals, physical properties (crystallographic, mechanical, optical, magnetic, electrical), toxicity and hazards, economic and statistical data.

Patent Chemistry

Selected organic chemistry patent publications (1869 -1980) US, World and European patents from 1976 for Patent classes: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Preparations, Biocides, Agrochemicals and Dyes

Academic Sources: Multidisciplinary

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The university has an academic site license for ChemDraw Standard, which covers installation on all university workstations and allows staff and students to download a copy for use on personally owned equipment.