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Official publications: How to find official publications

How to find official publications

Official publications are primarily located in the North Basement, although European publications are stored and will need to be requested from the Information Hub on the ground floor. 

Check the Library Search catalogue to note where the item is held. If you experience any difficulty locating official publications just ask at the Information Hub

The shelf marks are unlike others used in the Library because they do not refer to the book's subject and are usually abbreviated versions of the publishing organisation. For more guidance on the way the collection is organised, see the table below:


Country of Origin

Shelving system

Collection Details


All shelf marks begin with letters of the collection name.

Includes government publications, pressure group material and British working papers from universities in a single A-to-Z sequence. Please ask Library staff about Parliamentary Papers.


All shelf marks begin with one of the following: EU/EC, EP-, CoE -, EO-, or Eur-

Contains publications from the European Union, European Parliament, European Council of Europe, and European organisations such as EFTA, the Economic Commission for Europe and the European Investment Bank.


All shelf marks begin with IO-, followed by letters of the collection name.

Contains publications from organisations covering more than Europe, such as the International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and World Bank.


Pressure group literature

A collection of pamphlets and reports of British pressure groups, political parties and independent research institutions is shelved in the Documents Collection in the North Basement, arranged in alphabetical order by name of the organisation.

You can search the collection through Library Search by the name of the group e.g. Child Poverty Action Group, Policy Studies Institute, etc. and by limiting your search to 'Books and items in the Library'.

The material is arranged on the open shelves in pamphlet boxes. Some items are restricted for use in the Library only, whilst others may be borrowed for six weeks. Material can be requested in the same way as Long or Short loan items.

For further assistance with using the collection please ask at the Information Hub on the ground floor.

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