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Gender Studies

Subject-specific Resources

The Black Women Radicals Database (BWRD) historises and visualizes Black women’s radical political activism in Africa and in the African Diaspora in efforts to build academic, political, and community engagement, dialogue, knowledge production, research, and education about Black women’s significant legacies as socio-political agents of radical change. By housing a database of historical and transnational Black women activists and leaders, the BWRD seeks to overcome the erasure of Black women’s political leadership, organizing, theorizing, and socio-political movement building in Africa and in the African Diaspora that has often been ignored in favour of Black and white cis-heteronormative male charismatic leadership, especially in the field of Black Politics. BWRD serves as a vehicle to centre Black women’s historical political memory, scholarship, epistemologies, and leadership in socio-political movements that may not be taught in academia and in community and public spaces. The Database is free for educational use.*

*The BWRD is a continuing project and the current profiles of the activists and leaders in the Database are not completed and are constantly being updated. Moreover, the BWRD will continue to add profiles of historical Black women activists and leaders in Africa and in the African Diaspora. The Black Women Radicals team will be calling for writers who are interested in contributing to the BWRD soon. For questions about the Database and/or if you are interested in contributing to the BWRD, please contact

Multidisciplinary Academic Databases

The following databases contain a variety of material, including journal articles, for your specific subject area. The brief descriptions beneath the titles will explain what each hold. To access, click on the title.