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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Evaluating OER

BCOER Evaluation Checklist 

  • Accuracy

    • ​Is the information accurate?  Are there major content errors or omissions?

    • Are there spelling errors to typos?
  • Relevance

    • Does the information directly address one or more of the class objectives?

  • Production Quality

    • Is the information clear and understandable?

    • Is the layout and interface easy to navigate?
    • Do the design features enhance learning?
    • For audio or video resources, is the sound quality high?
  • Accessibility

    • Is the resource available in alternative formats (e.g. docx)?

    • For audio or video resources, is there a transcript or subtitles?
  • Interactivity

    • Does the resource encourage active learning and class participation?
    • Are there opportunities of students to test their understanding of the material (e.g. a video with embedded questions?)
  • Licensing

    • Does the license allow for educational reuse of the materials?
    • Does the license allow modifications or adoptions of the materials?

© BCOER Librarians.(2020). Faculty Guide for Evaluating Open Education Resources.