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Sussex Library online reading lists guide

Please read our "reading lists in lockdown" page 
before engaging with your list this term.

Reading lists in Canvas - the basics

Canvas reading list tab

canvas reading list tab

Students access their reading list through their module Canvas site. The reading list appears in its entirety in the 'Reading List' menu tab (left). You can also embed sections of reading lists into relevant "units" or "pages" in Canvas. To do this, follow the instructions in the box below. 


Linking lists to Canvas

You can pull through published reading lists matching your module title and code, and display a preview of the list in Canvas. If your list does not appear in the 'Reading List' Canvas tab it may be that it is still in draft form and will need to be published. Once you have found the correct reading list, just click on 'Save' on the right-hand side:

Embedding Lists in Pages and Units

Embedding in units in Canvas
Embedding in units in Canvas - instructions

Embedding Sections of your Reading List into Units in Canvas (8 steps)

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1. Go to the relevant module in Canvas. Here I am embedding Week 1's reading list into the Week 1 module:

2. Select '+' to add a new section

3. Select 'External Tool' from the dropdown menu:

4. Select 'Reading List' from the options and 'Add Item':

5. The entire reading list is now embedded in Week 1. To only display Week 1's readings, click into the Reading List module. This will open up the reading list in full. Click on the drop-down menu and select the relevant section you wish to display:

6. Click 'Save'

7. You can rename the module by clicking on the 3 dots icon and selecting 'Edit'. I will change the title of this module to 'Week 1 Reading List':

8. Don't forget to publish it!

Week 1's readings are now displayed in the Week 1 module!

Embedding in pages in Canvas
Embedding in pages in Canvas - instructions

Embedding Sections of your Reading List into Pages in Canvas (6 steps)

1. Create a Unit for each of your reading list sections. See the guide to 'Embedding in Units'

2. Go to your Units and click on the relevant Reading List unit (e.g. 'Week 1 Reading List')



3. Copy the URL


4. Go to Pages and begin creating and editing your page. Somewhere on the page, you will need to create a hyperlink to the Reading List unit. You could use an image, or a piece of text to signpost the hyperlink (e.g. 'Week 1 Reading List')



5. Highlight the text or image that you would like to use as the hyperlink and click on the hyperlink icon ('Link to URL')



6. Paste the URL into the box and click 'Insert Link'



You should now have a clickable hyperlink to the Week 1 section of your reading list.