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Sussex Library online reading lists guide

Please read our "reading lists in lockdown" page 
before engaging with your list this term.

Publishing your list

Publishing your list

Once you had completed editing your list, you will need to publish it. Click the "Publish" button in the far right corner of the reading list page, directly below the search bar. Your list will now be "live" and visible to students if linked on Canvas, but  purchases will not have been made. In order for the list to be checked and purchases made, you will need to request a review of the list (see below). 

Submitting your list for review

Requesting a review

Once you've completed your list and added all items and digitisation requests to it, you will need to alert us. 

We won't know your list is ready to be reviewed if you don't request a review. 

The reading list team review lists to source items as per our purchasing policyand to ensure links to any web resources are stable. 

To request, click "Edit" button in the top right-hand corner of the list view screen and "request review". 

Even if there is no change we like to check the current library stock against the expected student numbers, in case they have changed, so please request a review in this case also.

You will receive an automated email from Talis Aspire once the review has been completed.

Submission date deadline

Submission dates

Spring Term 2021 - submit for review by November 30th 

It is essential we receive your reading list in good time. The time taken for the Library to acquire new items can vary considerably. Adhering to the submission date allows the Library sufficient time to order and process new items, so they will be available to your students at start of term. It also allows time to check web resource links to ensure they are stable. Please note lists submitted after the dates below may not be reviewed in time for the start of term.