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Sussex Library Guide for Schools and Colleges

photo of Sussex Library building in Summer

Individual students

We are pleased to be able to offer a special Schools & College Library Membership to students studying at local sixth forms and colleges who wish to use our collections to assist with their studies. This Schools & College Membership is a reference only membership which will last for the duration of your studies. Please apply through the online shopCards can take up to 3 working days to process. Please wait until you receive an email stating that your card is ready to collect.


The Library also welcomes organised visits from groups of students at local schools and colleges wishing to use the Library and its resources for study purposes. We can provide your students with the opportunity to find out more about a university library and the chance to experience university life. We offer tours of the Library and interactive workshops for your students to gain a greater understanding of the skills needed for study at university level.

Library tours

An organised tour of the Library for groups of students takes a maximum of 30 minutes and concentrates on the Library building, its range of spaces and how to use an academic library. Supervised students are welcome to stay in the Library and study, but will only have access to material on the open shelves and the public access library catalogue terminals. We prefer to have a maximum of 10 students on a tour.

Library skills workshop

We offer workshops which can last for up to an hour. These include quizzes, search skills exercises, interactive presentations and a display of library materials. Our workshops aim to:

  • raise awareness of the types and range of materials found in an academic library
  • improve search and evaluation skills
  • discuss the issues surrounding plagiarism and referencing         

If you have groups of students doing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), these workshops will give your students the opportunity to develop their skills and encourage further research.

Arranging a visit

Please note that we cannot offer visits during our peak times or during exam periods. For further information and to arrange your visit, please email us at: