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Citations and Bibliographies

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add and edit citations and bibliographies.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to:

1. Adding Styles

To practice adding a new referencing style, follow the steps below (ensure the desktop app is running)

  1. From Word:
  • Open word and on the Mendeley tab select 'Style' ►'More styles' and then search for your style in 'Get more styles' and install it
  • Set is as your referencing style.
  1. From Mendeley:
  • Go to the desktop app and from the file menu select 'View' ►'Citation style' ►'More styles' and install it
  • Select 'Use this Style' under installed styles
  • Go to word click on style and set is as your referencing style.

2. Adding single citations

To practice adding citations to a Word document, complete the activity below.

You are going to add the following 5 citations to your document. A Book, journal article, book section, government report and newspaper article. (You may need to add them to your library first. Try adding them using the web importer, remember to check and add any missing information.)

  1. Open Word and go to Mendeley cite-o-matic on the ribbon. Click on “Insert Citation” and add the above items as follows.
  • Add citation without page numbers
  • Add a citation with page numbers
  • Add a citation without the author
  • Add a citation directly from library
  • Edit a citation and add page numbers

3. Adding multiple citations

To practice adding multiple citations to a Word document, complete the activity below.

You are going to add 3 citations at the same time.

  1. Add 3 citations using 'Go to Mendeley'
  2. Add 3 citations using the search box
  3. Add page numbers of one of your citations
  4. Remove a citation

4. Creating bibliographies in Word

To practice adding a bibliography to Word, complete the activity below.

You’ll need to have added citations to the document before continuing.

  1. Add a bibliography to a Word document.
  2. Change the referencing style.

5. Updating References

To practice updating references, complete the activity below.

  1. Change the author and year of a reference in the desktop app.
  2. Update the changes in Word.

Extra Activity - Bibliographies in Mendeley

To practice generating a bibliography in Mendeley, complete the activity below.

You are going to export your library into a formatted bibliography directly from Mendeley.

  1. Go to the Mendeley desktop app.
  2. Select and export your entire library to a Word document.