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Mendeley Desktop

Interact with other researchers on

Your researcher profile can include: 

  • a short biography
  • details of any publications you have authored
  • your profile groups.

From the profile page, other researchers can add you as a contact and follow your work.

To build a profile:

  • click on your account link [Your Name] in the top right-hand corner of the Mendeley website
  • choose "Edit".

Mendeley Edit My Profile

To find and add contacts on

  • click the "Search" tab
  • click the "People" tab and search for appropriate keywords.

Mendeley Find People

From the results:

  • choose a researcher
  • click "Follow"
  • they will receive a message asking them if they want to be your contact.


Share references and papers with other users through groups on Mendeley.

There are three types of group (see the Mendeley guide to groups for a full overview):


  • small teams can share resources including PDFs
  • NOTE: you should check copyright conditions before sharing PDFs.


  • these groups are publicly visible but certain features such as adding references are restricted to members approved by an administrator.


  • these groups are completely public, allowing you to share reading lists and references with other Mendeley users
  • your PDFs will not be available to other users.

Set up a group

  • click "Create Group" in the left-hand column
  • indicate which type of group you would like to create
  • fill in group information.

Create group

Your new group will appear in the left-hand column.

The group tabs allow you to:

  • add members
  • click and drag documents into the group
  • adjust group settings.

Mendeley Groups Tab

You may want to import your libraries from one reference management tool to another:

  • you can use more than one tool at the same time
  • share with colleagues across different software
  • EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero can read and write in RIS, a citation file format.

See advice for each transfer below:

EndNote to Mendeley

EndNote to Zotero

Mendeley to EndNote

Mendeley to Zotero

Zotero to EndNote

Zotero to Mendeley